Architectural Columns: Precast Concrete, GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete)

Mesa Precast has wide range of design options for architectural columns.
In cases where columns have to be load bearing, the Tuscan columns are ideal for that kind of application. When column is wrapping around other solid support structure such as steel or wood, the team is able to guide customers with two different types of products – Wet-precast Concrete, and Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC).

Mesa Precast offers a range of design options for decorative architectural columns that can be used for interior or exterior, for landscaping/hardscape, home décor, or commercial décor.

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Mesa Precast Columns

Mesa Precast has a huge inventory of molds for architectural columns. Customers are able to get column of their design choice with quick turnaround.

Wet-precast concrete is heavier and requires a bit more involved installation, but is a little bit more cost-effective. The GFRC column is lightweight and much simpler to install.

There are 3 components to a column: the capital, the shaft and the base. Mesa Precast team is able to guide customers with selection of the products depending upon the project needs. Columns are available in a wide range of standard color and finish options. Customers are also able to build product with a custom color of their choice that would fit in with design goals.


Tuscan Columns

Classical Tuscan design is by far the most widely used column due to its simple beauty and timeless appeal dating to the architecture of the Italian Renaissance.

Learn more about the standard sizes for solid Tuscan columns on this page. With these, columns can be made in a single shaft for a seamless look. When required, a series of pieces can be used in modular or unit design to achieve the custom height.


Modular Decorative Columns

Mesa Precast is able to work with customers for design of high design ornamental look in columns as well.

Architects, designers and owners have freedom to select different types of shafts such as fluted columns or Doric style, different types of column capitals and also column bases.

Column Capitals

The selection of column capitals covers a wide range of ornamentation at the top of the column.

Design options:

  • Classic Tuscan with additional trim
  • Corinthian design that has an ornate capital of a series of scrolls with projecting leaf designs in a repeating pattern.
  • Classic and modified Ionic and Doric features. In addition, we have other Ionic and Doric capitals with specialty patterns between each the four scrolls on the capital. The enhancements are generally floral or classic designs.

See options for column capitals, shafts and bases to build your own column that would match with the intended design.

Modular Columns

Modular Architectural Columns | Architectural Precast, GFRC

Modular Architectural Columns | Architectural Precast, GFRC

Tuscan Columns

Tuscan Columns Architectural Precast, GFRC

Tuscan Columns | Architectural Precast, GFRC

GFRC Columns: Design, Manufacturing

Mesa Precast GFRC Columns | Design, Manufacturing

Mesa Precast GFRC Columns | Design, Manufacturingdie

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