GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) Panels

The Mesa Precast GFRC panels are only ¾” thick, and so very light in weight. At the same time with fibers in the cast mix and highly specialized manufacturing technology, the panels have high strength to weight ratio.

Mesa Precast is able to custom design and fabricate the panels in any required shape and color. The team has proven track record to custom fabricate the GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) panels for a wide range of exterior cladding, veneer applications.

GFRC Panels Case Study: Dry Creek Elementary School

Architects Rendering of Dry Creek Elementary School | Initially name of the school was West Lehi Elementary SchoolDry Creek Elementary School, Lehi, UTCustom GFRC Panels with SignageLarge Size Custom GFRC Panels with Signage Developed using Custom Molds, Specialized Manufacturing TechniqueLight Weight GFRC Panels Need Much Simpler Construction SupportConstruction Support in Place for GFRC InstallationInstallation of GFRC Stone Panels | Construction Site: Dry Creek Elementary School, Lehi, UTGFRC Panels Installed without Heavy Duty Construction EquipmentGFRC Panels | Custom Engineered Shapes with Precise Tolerance for Monolithic Stone FinishInstallation Support for Entry Way on the Side of the School Building | Dry Creek Elementary, Lehi, UTGFRC Panels on Entry Way on the Side | Seamless Integration with Brick VeneerGFRC Panels | Options for Desired Finish for the Stone PanelsMesa Precast Manufacturing Technique for GFRC | Spraying, Packing using RollersMonolithic Stone Finish with Embedded Custom Signage, Seamless Integration with Brick VeneerSupport Anchors Attached to the GFRC Panel FrameStone Sign using GFRC | Dry Creek Elementary School, Lehi, Utah | Built in 2014Support Anchors Embedded in the GFRC Panels During Manufacturing Process

Dry Creek Elementary School is a new school in Lehi, UT. It opened in August, 2014.

The Architect for the project, Sandstorm Architecture, wanted to create an experience that would blend with the Lehi township cultural backdrop and lifestyle.

The architect had specified GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) for the high elevation cladding and school name signage. The requirement was to keep the panels flush in line with the brick veneer façade. Sandstorm Architecture requested specific custom color for panels to blend seamlessly with the overall design vision for the school.

The Mesa Precast team designed the panels using the drawings from the architect. The team worked closely with the architect to review, and validate the fabrication details. Support locations for anchorage were also confirmed to confirm structural requirements. Mesa Precast recommended a few changes to the details to simplify the installation of the panels.

The shop tickets were approved before the fabrication started. The installation anchors were pre-engineered and embedded in the panels using precise pouring of the casting material. The built-in installation support hardware within the panels, simplified the installation during the construction phase.

With computerized batch plant, all of the panels used for the building consistently matched in color and also structural properties.

The panels fit together to create the monolithic look that was critical for the success of the project.

GFRC (also known as light weight concrete):

  • Panels are light weight allowing for easy installation in the front entry elevation of the school building.
  • Provide very high strength to weight ratio compared to any other cast stone manufactured product.
  • Is much more flexible and superior for precise lettering that is required for name of the school on the panels.
  • Blended seamlessly with exterior of the school.
  • Not only cut down required structural support, but also simplified the installation.
  • Provided long-term, reliable solution for the school building project.
  • Is much more durable compared to stucco or EIFS.