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Mesa Precast Limestone Natural: Design, Finish at Much Lower Cost

Mesa Precast has successfully supported a number of projects where designer is looking for look of natural limestone.

The Limestone Natural product line is used for designing architectural trims on outside of buildings and residential homes, landscape/hardscape design, wainscot panels, fireplaces and architectural columns.

The Mesa Precast team is able to develop monolithic designs for stone panel veneers and cladding applications. Designers have options to match the color and custom shapes as required. Customers are able to create the designs matching natural limestone at much lower cost, and also consistent stone panel properties and look.

Precise Color Matching, Custom Finish, Color Matching while combining GFRC and Precast Color PanelsMatching Stone Panels Color on Window Surrounds, Entry way Architectural Trim, Wall Coping, Balustrade System DesignDark Color Custom Trims Accentuate Design Experience with Pool Coping, PaversDark Color Custom Trims Accentuate Design Experience with Pool Coping, PaversCustom Design Wall Coping with Desired Color and FinishUnifying Design Accent for High-end Design AestheticResidential Home Elevation DesignPavers, Planters, Pool Coping Design with Precise Color MatchingMatching Stone Panels on Front Face of Elevation, and also Surrounding Entry Way TrimEntry Way Cladding, Wall Coping, Balusters Designed using Mesa Precast Molds Inventory

GFRC: Much Simpler Installation, Integration with Brick Veneer

GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) is only 3/4″ thick making it much easier to install, and also to seamlessly integrate with brick veneer.


See in this video, how large GFRC panels are installed for curved entry way elevation as well as non-loadbearing GFRC window headers with steel lintel above them.


With seamless connections between designed stone panels, manufactured stone can be effectively used for architectural stone cladding, veneers, wall coping, as well as architectural trim for exterior facades of buildings.