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Wall Coping is used to complete or finish the top of any masonry wall, fence or structure. Think of these pieces as the roof of the masonry wall that sheds water and ice and keeps the wall protected. Wall coping accentuates rock, brick, stucco and other natural and man-made masonry products. The beauty of wall coping is that it can be cast to follow the wall beneath exactly, whether it is curving, angled, or straight. The pieces shown come in many lengths and styles. A stretcher piece means that this piece can form a row when placed with other like pieces providing a consistent and uniform look. These pieces are also referred to as a wall cap.

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 28 x 10.75 x 2.75 in
Available Colors

Natural Grey (You are able to paint or stain it.)

Contact us to see other colors and texture options.
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