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Design Accent using Precast, GFRC Panels

The Mesa Precast team is able to work closely with customers to understand the design requirements, and provide selection of architectural precast, GFRC panels.

Mesa Precast has large inventory of molds to deliver the products with faster turn around time. When required, team is able to develop custom products that unify and accentuate the design accent.

The images below show stone panels design for homes developed by Regal American Homes.

Unifying Design Accent for High-end Design AestheticPrecise Color Matching, Custom Finish, Color Matching while combining GFRC and Precast Color PanelsMatching Stone Panels Color on Window Surrounds, Entry way Architectural Trim, Wall Coping, Balustrade System DesignDark Color Custom Trims Accentuate Design Experience with Pool Coping, PaversDark Color Custom Trims Accentuate Design Experience with Pool Coping, PaversCustom Design Wall Coping with Desired Color and FinishResidential Home Elevation DesignPavers, Planters, Pool Coping Design with Precise Color MatchingMatching Stone Panels on Front Face of Elevation, and also Surrounding Entry Way TrimPavers, Pool Coping using Architectural PrecastArchitectural Precast Panels Matching ColorsEntry Way Cladding, Wall Coping, Balusters Designed using Mesa Precast Molds Inventory

Installing Stone Panels using Kerf Slot and Anchors

One of the most commonly used technique with installing manufactured stone panel pieces is kerf slot with bent strap anchors which can be split to connect with other panels pieces or single-direction if it is an end piece.


The Mesa Precast team collaborates closely with designers in the drawings phase to confirm all engineering support for installation right in the early stage of a project. This simplifies the installation mitigating need for adjustments and delays in the construction process.


With all connection details pre-engineered, the architects and contractors are able to realize desired design aesthetic seamlessly.




Balusters and Balustrade Systems

Mesa Precast has a number of different design options for balusters and balustrade systems.

With 18 different color options, a designer has options in selection of the right color, and then customize finish as required. Mesa Precast has in house inventory of molds; this gives company flexibility in manufacturing and delivering the required balustrade system components quickly.

See in this video, a couple of different types of balusters.



Mesa Precast has a product that can serve as baluster wall on fence or any other application to create separate areas in a space. See the mold and example finished product in this video…



See Mesa Precast balusters and balustrade System component products in online catalog…